Active Cyber Defense (ACD) Definition

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Active Cyber Defence (ACD) definition:“The she of offensive actions to outmaneuver an adversary and make an attack more difficult to carry out.”Source: Ovum Market Radar: Deception Technology, Ovum, Jane, 2019"Active Cyber Defence (ACD) is the principle of implementing security measures to strengthen a network or system to make it more robust against attack. In a commercial context, Active Cyber Defence normally refers to cyber security analysts developing an understanding of the threats to their networks, and then devising and implementing measures to proactively combat, or defend, against those threats."Source: UK NATIONAL CYBER SECURITY STRATEGY 2016-2021, HM Government, 2016“Proactive measures...

On-Off Attack Definition

Thursday, March 21, 2019

On-Off Attack definition:“By behaving well and badly alternatively, the On-off attack aims to make the trust management scheme consider a bad behavior as a temporary error. Thus, the malicious node would remain active and would have more opportunities to attack the network. Moreover, there may be circumstances under which an On-off attacker should be allowed to re-main in the system. That is, if the cost of removing the at-tacker is higher than the cost that the attack imposes on the system, then it may be better to leave it alone.”Source: Trust Management for Defending On-Off Attacks
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Bad-Mouthing Attack Definition

Bad-Mouthing Cyber Attack definition:“As long as recommendations are taken into consideration, malicious parties can provide dishonest recommendations to frame up good parties and/or boost trust values of malicious peers. This attack is referred to as the bad mouthing attack. This attack has been discussed in many existing trust management or reputation systems.”Source: Attacks on Trust Evaluation in Distributed Networks