IdFix DirSync Error Remediation Tool 1.02

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

“IdFix is used to perform discovery and remediation of identity objects and their attributes in an on-premises Active Directory environment in preparation for migration to Office 365. IdFix is intended for the Active Directory administrators responsible for DirSync with the Office 365 service.”IdFix DirSync Error Remediation Tool 1.02 can be download from the following link.

IdFix DirSync Error Remediation Tool

Sunday, March 3, 2013

“The purpose of IdFix is to reduce the time involved in remediating the Active Directory errors reported by the DirSync appliance. Our focus is on enabling the customer to accomplish the task in a simple expedient fashion without relying upon subject matter experts. The Microsoft Office 365 IdFix tool provides the customer with the ability to identify and remediate object errors in their Active Directory in preparation for deployment to Office 365. They will then be able to successfully synchronize users, contacts, and groups from the on-premises Active Directory into the Microsoft Office 365 environment.”IdFix DirSync Error Remediation Tool...

Mail Protection Reports for Office 365

Friday, December 21, 2012

Mail Protection Reports for Office 365 “provides you with a detailed view into the email protection reports that are available in the Office 365 Reporting dashboard. This workbook is available to all Exchange Online and Exchange Online Protection customers. This workbook connects to the reporting web service. After you install and configure it, you can refresh the data from within the workbook at any time. You can drill through from recent summary data to the underlying detailed information”. Mail Protection Reports for Office 365 can be download from the following link.
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MigrationWiz – Universal Mailbox Migration Platform

Thursday, June 14, 2012

MigrationWiz is a Cloud Base Universal Mailbox Migration Platform that allows rapid migration from one messaging system to other messaging systems. For simplicity, I attached a list of the messaging system that is currently support by MigrationWiz: Connector Type Supported Systems Google Apps/Gmail (GAPE) Google Apps Google Apps for Business Google Apps for Education IMAP America Online Courier IMAP server Dovecot IMAP server Keiro Connect (formerly known as Keiro MailServer) Lotus Notes Open-Xchange Yahoo or any other IMAP system Microsoft Exchange ...

מדריך להתקנה מהירה של שירות Office 365

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

שירות Office 365, הנו שירות חדש בית חברת מיקרוסופט, אשר מאפשר שימוש ב"שירותי ענן" מתקדמים. המדריך המצ"ב, מכיל מדריך להתקנה מהירה של רכיב ה Office 365 ללקוחות עיסקים קטנים (עד 25 משתמשים). How to Set up your Desktop for Office 365 אתר הבית של שירותי Office 365  
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