Basic Setup Commands of Fortigate-VM (build 5.x)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Introduction The article bellow cover the Basic Setup Commands of Fortigate-VM (build 5.x) for lab purpose. The information in this article was tested by using FGT_VM64-v5-build0642-FORTINET. Note: In production environment its highly recommends to use a dedicated port for management purpose. Fortigate-VM in a NAT Mode Basic Setup Commands a. Logging locally to the Fortigate-VM console User: admin Password: n/a b. Set a Static Route to Port1 (management interface) & Enable Management Services on port1 config system interface edit port1 set ip set allowaccess http https ssh ping end show system interface c. Set Default Gateway & Egress Port config router static edit 1 set gateway set device port1 end show router static d. Set DNS Servers config system dns set...
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