Common limitations of the VPN solution of the Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Introduction A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is essential component for each enterprise that likes to migrate to the Cloud. By using VPN, the enterprise can connect securely to remote systems in the Cloud, while using unsecure line (e.g. Internet). By using VPN, enterprises can enforce common security and privacy best practices, such as: allowing only to a legitimate users to connect to the remote resource/s, encrypt confidential and enterprise property information (tunneling) while using a non-security line, etc. The Problems Spuriously, although the idea that behind VPN isn’t new, many Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) doesn’t offer a practical VPN...
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IdFix DirSync Error Remediation Tool

Sunday, March 3, 2013

“The purpose of IdFix is to reduce the time involved in remediating the Active Directory errors reported by the DirSync appliance. Our focus is on enabling the customer to accomplish the task in a simple expedient fashion without relying upon subject matter experts. The Microsoft Office 365 IdFix tool provides the customer with the ability to identify and remediate object errors in their Active Directory in preparation for deployment to Office 365. They will then be able to successfully synchronize users, contacts, and groups from the on-premises Active Directory into the Microsoft Office 365 environment.”IdFix DirSync Error Remediation Tool...

System Center Global Service Monitor

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Recently Microsoft updated to the services: “Global Service Monitor for System Center 2012” & “System Center Global Service Monitor”According to official Åke Pettersson (MSFT): “Global Service Monitor is an Azure-based service that extends SCOM 2012 capabilities into the cloud. It allows you to schedule synthetic transactions from geo-distributed locations to monitor availability, performance and reliabilityof your externally facing web applications.”Source: Global Service Monitor for System Center 2012: Observing application availability from an “outside in” perspectiveMoreover, “Global Service Monitor service” can be purchase today in a SAAS model, so the requirement for local installation of System Center 2012 is eliminated....

Sync any folder to SkyDrive

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mr. Jan Hannemann post a in Bitdisaster Blog an interesting solution on “Sync any folder to SkyDrive”. The original post can be review from the following link.
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Kevin Greene Blog

Friday, December 14, 2012

Mr. Kevin Greene is a Microsoft MVP for System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management. Kevin Greene own a Blog that provide a useful resources on Microsoft System Center products & technologies. The Blog can be review from the following link.
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Moving Applications to the Cloud, 3rd Edition – Book Download

“This guide is the third edition of the first volume in a series about Windows Azure. It demonstrates how you can adapt an existing on-premises ASP.NET application to one that operates in the cloud by introducing a fictitious company named Adatum that modifies its expense tracking and reimbursement system, aExpense, so that it can be deployed to Windows Azure. To illustrate the wide range of options and features in Windows Azure, this guide and the code examples available for it show a step-by-step migration process that includes using Windows Azure Web Sites, Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, and SQL Database....
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