How women can play a bigger part in cyber-security – to everyone’s benefit

November 10, 2017 book:InSecurity: Why a Failure to Attract and Retain Women in Cybersecurity is Making Us All Less Safe, by Jane FranklandISBN-10: 178133269X ISBN-13: 978-1781332696                    
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Biological Software – Definition

October 29, 2017

Biological Software - Software based on the human-machine interface, including the integration of nanotechnology components in the human body. Using Biological Software, it is possible to improve a person's cognitive and material abilities, and even to integrate the person in an environment of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Biological Software may become the new generation of Cybersecurity weapon.
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Correlation, Linear Regression, Analysis and Threat Hunting

October 26, 2017

Yuval’s Cybersecurity Monitoring Maturity Model (MMM)Correlation & Linear Regression“Correlation quantifies the degree to which two variables are related. Correlation does not fit a line through the data points. You simply are computing a correlation coefficient (r) that tells you how much one variable tends to change when the other one does. When r is 0.0, there is no relationship. When r is positive, there is a trend that one variable goes up as the other one goes up. When r is negative, there is a trend that one variable goes up as the other one goes down.Linear regression finds...