Active Cyber Defense (ACD) Definition

March 23, 2019

Active Cyber Defence (ACD) definition:

“The she of offensive actions to outmaneuver an adversary and make an attack more difficult to carry out.”

Source: Ovum Market Radar: Deception Technology, Ovum, Jane, 2019

“Active Cyber Defence (ACD) is the principle of implementing security measures to strengthen a network or system to make it more robust against attack. In a commercial context, Active Cyber Defence normally refers to cyber security analysts developing an understanding of the threats to their networks, and then devising and implementing measures to proactively combat, or defend, against those threats.”

Source: UK NATIONAL CYBER SECURITY STRATEGY 2016-2021, HM Government, 2016

“Proactive measures launched to defend against ma-licious cyber activities or attacks.”

Source: Fighting Power, Targeting and Cyber Operations, Prangetto, P., Maybaum, M., Stinissen, J. (Eds.), 6th Interna-tional Conference on Cyber Conflict. NATO CCD COE Publications, 2014

“The real-time capability to detect, analyze and mitigate threats”
Source: International Law and Private Ac-tor Active Cyber Defensive Measures, Rosenzweig, P, 50 Stan. J. Int’l L. 103 (2014)

“Synchronized, real-time capability to discover, detect, analyze, and mitigate threats and vulnerabilities.”

Source: CNSSI 4009-2015 (DSOC 2011)


UK Active Cyber Defence: A public good for the private sector, King’s College London, January, 2019

Understanding the Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act – Should Companies Be Allowed to “Hack Back”?

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