Common Global Positioning System (GPS) Cyber-Attacks

August 4, 2018


Global Positioning System (GPS) become a crucial service for the modern technology and society. However, the GPS is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The following post succinctly cover some of the cyber-attacks that can be used by adversary to attack the GPS and by this, effect on the Cyber-Physical System (CPS) state and/or function.

Common Attack Vectors

1. False Data Injection Attack (FDIA) – e.g. Compromises sensors measurements by providing a false data

2. Spoofing – e.g. Fake satellite source

3. Denial of Services (DoS) – e.g. Jamming, disrupt the system’s time and/or location data, reflection/amplification

4. GPS Injection – e.g. adding a malicious data to the GPS Exchange Format (GEF)

5. Implant – e.g. Changing the desired state of GPS software/hardware during stages, such as : research and development (R&D) , production, maintenance and supply-chain life cycle

6. Adversarial Machine Learning


The following post cover common GPS Cyber-attacks that can be used by the adversary. Its highly recommended to consider this risk during the CPS life cycle and take the required steps to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

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