Logical Operations CyberSec First Responder (CFR-210) Exam Review

January 5, 2018


Recently I passed Logical Operations CyberSec First Responder (CFR-210) Exam.

The exam contains 100 questions and you will have 120 minutes to complete the exam. So, plan your time carefully (e.g. ~1 minute per question). Between 62% and 69% depending on the exam form.

The Preparation Stage

Logical Operations provide a nice Self-Paced Learning Study Guide. However, I would recommend to review the “Exam Overview/ Exam Objectives” first and only after it review the study guide.

In addition, I would recommend to obtain a hands-on experience with: Linux shell commands, Bash Shell scripting, Linux and Windows file systems, Linux and Windows boot process, Power Shell and common Windows shell commands. Due this I would recommended to use additional references (e.g. Linux man pages, Microsoft TechNet) and setup a small lab with a least two Virtual Machines (Linux and Windows).

Furthermore, I would recommend to know and understand the structure of common file formats, such Microsoft Event view, Syslog, Snort and iptables rules set.

Please note that Logical Operations offer a basic and a free test assessment, so you can use it for practice.

Exam Registration

The exam registration is easy and you will need to check the availability of the nearest Pearson VUE exam center.

The Exam Day

The exam center will request to provide two official identification cards, so verify that you own them before arriving to the Pearson VUE exam center.

During the exam I found a few minor issues – seldom, Prometric exam software was freeze for a short time. Although no real damage occurred, but it may become annoying. Please note that I found a similar issue with other exams, so the issue isn’t related to the exam itself.

In addition, some questions (~7-12) would need to be rewrite from my perspective. The reason for my assumption is that in these specific questions, additional answer may be correct or additional information should be provided.

As final, my personal exam was takes ~90 minutes, so the free time could be used for reviewing the answers.

The exam results were provided in the end of the exam, and after a short time, an email with a link to the badge was sent to my personal email address.

Due the fact that the interval of releasing Logical Operations certificates is once in each week, sometimes you will need to be patient.


Logical Operations CyberSec First Responder certification can be used as a good entry point to the world of Cybersecurity Incident Response (IR).

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