CityF atBash

January 25, 2017

Event Information

Capture the Flag (CTF) is a special kind of information security competition, where the goal is to hack and exploit vulnerabilities in crafted challenges, focused on different areas in cyber security with limited time. Each challenge hides a key, which upon finding will add to the group’s score its points – The groups that end the event with the highest score, are the winners. Events like this give the opportunity to find real talents and those who win such events are people with clear skill in research and pentesting.

The Event Goal

Bring to Beer Sheva metropolis students, cyber security researchers and people who love Information Security competitions from all around the country, and making Beer Sheva the “center” of cyber threats analysis competitions and hackathons. We want to create a stronger connection between the mature Hi-Tech community and the young entrepreneur one. We would like to create some kind of tradition when cyber security companies will take an active part in events like this and in general to teenagers ideas.

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