FortiClient VPN: Confirm FortiTelemetry Connection

December 10, 2016

Introduction While using FortiClient VPN, the following error message may appear: “FortiClient VPN: Confirm FortiTelemetry Connection Error: license limit reached Resigter FortinetgateName at IP_Address ? CONNECT FORTITELEMETRY” Root Cause Fortigate include by default 10 licenses of a manage mode FortiClient. Execute this license limit wouldn't allow to addtional FortiClient’s in a manage mode to connect to the Fortigate. Resolution Option 1 - FortiClient’s in a Manage mode Purchase additional FortiClient licenses. Options 2 - FortiClient’s in a Non-Manage mode Disable the “FortiTelemetry” service in the ssl.root interface level by using “set listen-forticlient-connection disable” shell command. or...
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