Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) build 8443

November 20, 2016

“The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) is a free tool for automating Windows and Windows Server operating system deployment, leveraging the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 10.Some of the key changes in this build of MDT are: Support for the Windows ADK for Windows 10, version 1607. Support for Windows 10, version 1607, and Windows Server 2016. Support for Configuration Manager, version 1606. Improvements to deployment and upgrade of Windows 10.“ Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) build 8443 can be download from the following link.
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Common Standards For Sharing Cyber Threat Intelligence

Introduction The following article provides a basic overview on the common standards for sharing Cyber Threat Intelligence. STIX (Structured Threat Information eXpression) STIX is a structured language for cyber threat intelligence. In other words, STIX offers a rich ontology for descripting and documenting cyber intelligence. STIX consists of several parts: 1. Cyber ObservablesIdentifies the specific patterns observed or may observed. Patterns are represented by using CybOX standard. Examples: IP address, email address, flow direction, File Hash value, etc. 2. IndicatorsIdentifies contextual information about observables As said before, patterns are represented by using CybOX standard. Examples: The originate...