Microsoft Security Compliance Manager 4.0

July 31, 2016

“The Microsoft Security Compliance Manager takes our extensive guidance and documentation—including the previously stand-alone product-specific security guides—and incorporates it into one tool, enabling you to access and automate all of your organization’s security baselines in a centralized location. To access the security guidance for Windows client and server operating systems and Microsoft applications, simply download the tool, and select the "Attachments \ Guides" node within each product baseline tree. Take advantage of the experience of Microsoft security professionals, and reduce the time and money required to harden your environment. This tool will help you plan, and manage your security...

General availability: Microsoft Authenticator

July 30, 2016

“Starting August 27, 2016, Microsoft Authenticator is the mobile application that will replace Azure Authenticator, the Microsoft account app, and all other Microsoft-published enterprise and consumer authenticator apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. This new app quickly and securely verifies a customer’s identity online for all of their accounts. It provides Azure Multi-Factor Authentication for personal, work, or school Microsoft and third-party accounts through notifications or one-time passwords. Customers can use this app to register their devices with their company’s Azure Active Directory instance and get seamless single sign-on to mobile applications. Later in 2016, customers will also be...
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Cymmetria Releases The MazeRunner Community Edition

July 14, 2016

“The power of deception technology as an extremely viable solution to the most advanced cyber threats is unquestionable (to us at Cymmetria, at least). We are also huge supporters of the cybersecurity community that we call home and believe strongly in giving back to that community. This is why we are excited to raise the curtain on our solution and provide free access to those looking to explore its benefits. The MazeRunner Community Edition (same one that caught the Patchwork APT as detailed in our report last week) is now available for free to anyone wishing to use it...