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November 28, 2012


Most of the Enterprises today using multiplies monitoring systems. For example,  a unique monitoring system is been use for Server

Monitoring, another for Storage Monitoring, etc.

As IT Manager / CIO, you may find out that that many resources are invested to resolve common IT issues (Performance issues, etc.).

However, you may find out that the rate of success to resolve common IT issues before they effect the Business isn’t good as you expected.

Moreover, your CFO/CEO may require from the IT department to become more efficient. This means that a better ROI (Return On Investment) is needed to be obtained from the current infrastructure and human resources.

To meet the requirements listed above, iTAnalyzer offer an interesting solution that provides a Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities, so your IT management would be more efficient & more proactive.

iTAnalyzer Solution

iTAnalyzer provides the only IT Operation Analytics (ITOA) solution shifting IT organizations from managing infrastructure silos and vendor dependent technology to a concept that provides true added value to businesses (IT-as-a-Business).

So, what is mean in practice?

First, as you can see in the screenshots bellow, you can obtain a a full view of you Enterprise Infrastructure from a central location.

Moreover, as IT Manager / CIO you can find out that management console doesn’t provide you a “Simple Reports”. One of the main

advantages of iTAnalyzer Solution is mapping the Business Side (e.g. SLA, etc.) to the technology side. For example, you can find a technical issues

before they effect the Business Side.





For convenience, I attached additional GUI screenshots:

Main Dashboard Screen


Critical Situation follow-up


ILM – Information Life Management


Backup Status



iTAnalyzer solutions allow you to Optimize Data-Center infrastructure in the physical, Cloud, and virtual world using the most comprehensive BI and DSS solution. Moreover, iTAnalyzer solutions isn’t vendor depended, so you no deployment restriction exits (Please follow iTAnalyzer HCL).

For further information, please review:

iTAnalyzer website

ITAnalyzer reveals a new mapping module for EMC storage systems

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