How to disable automatic startup of Lync 2010 client

October 27, 2011


To disable automatic startup of Lync 2010 client you can use one of the options bellow:

1. Using Group Policy Object (GPO):

a. Obtain “communicator.adm/x” file from Lync 2010 ISO file (not Lync 2010 Exe file).

* The file should reside in the “support” folder.

b. Import the Adm/x file to a new Group Policy Object (GPO) and apply the relevant settings.

2. Using a Logon script:

Set a logon script to apply the following registry changes:


Object Name: AutoRunWhenLogonToWindows
Object Type: REG_DWORD
Object Value = 0



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  1. Bejesh SolomonOctober 30, 2011 ב 15:32

    Thanks Yuval. How do I set a logon script? Do you have any good links that will show me how to do this?

    Thanks again

  2. Bejesh SolomonOctober 30, 2011 ב 15:34

    I checked the communicator.adm file but I cannot find any setting that will disable automatic start up. Do you know which setting it is?

  3. Yuval SinayOctober 31, 2011 ב 10:26

    1. You can use “Reg add” command or VBS/PowerShell script etc.

    2. Do you use the latest ADM version?

  4. Bejesh SolomonOctober 31, 2011 ב 13:57

    Thanks..I think its the latest.I got it from the below link
    It would be great if I could get to do this via GPO rather than a registry edit.

  5. Yuval SinayNovember 1, 2011 ב 17:26


    I didnt see the required settings in this ADM.
    You can use Reg2Adm tool for this this task…

  6. HankFebruary 22, 2012 ב 06:25

    Why did you bother talking about the GPO in communicator.adm which has no option to disable automatic startup of the lync client?

  7. PeterOctober 11, 2012 ב 18:22

    This worked for me. I enabled “Launch Microsoft Lync First Run” and set it to Disable. Applied to a security group and these users no longer get lync at startup.