How to disable automatic startup of Lync 2010 client

October 27, 2011

To disable automatic startup of Lync 2010 client you can use one of the options bellow: 1. Using Group Policy Object (GPO): a. Obtain “communicator.adm/x” file from Lync 2010 ISO file (not Lync 2010 Exe file). * The file should reside in the “support” folder. b. Import the Adm/x file to a new Group Policy Object (GPO) and apply the relevant settings. 2. Using a Logon script: Set a logon script to apply the following registry changes: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Communicator\ Object Name: AutoRunWhenLogonToWindows Object Type: REG_DWORD ...

Creating Group Policy Reports by using "Rsop.msc” and “Gpresult /h Report.html”

Microsoft Operating System provides two powerful built in commands, that allow you to review the client side Group Policy settings. By using this tools, you can monitor and review the current Group Policy settings. The main advantages of this tools, is supporting Graphical User Interface (GUI).   1. "Rsop.msc”   2. “Gpresult /h Report.html”     Note1: You can review the “Report.html” file by using regular web browser. Note2: “Gpresult” command provides additional parameters that can be set. For further information, please use “Gpresult /?”.
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