October 7, 2014

After seven years in the MS blogging community, I’m moving on to an independent road – my own self hosted blog. Check it out at All the old posts have been moved to the new blog (and the old posts will redirect to their new URL). If you follow me with RSS, please re-subscribe to Thank you all for reading!
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Gamifying Your R&D

June 3, 2014

Continuous Integration means a lot to me. It's like my second child. I found out the hard way that this sort of cultural thing is very hard to rely on and maintain inside an ever growing company. My latest crusade was about ignored tests. When I first came aboard the company, we had many. Since I considered them a broken window, I started handling them one by one.  After a couple of days – Great Success – no more ignored tests.  Since then it has been two years, and we've been trying to get the ignored tests in...

Through the Looking Glass: Google Glass as a Lean Startup case study

May 23, 2014

After a long time, I finally got my hands on Google Glass. I got one to try out for a couple of days and I must say I am very impressed. I think they are a technological achievement. What impresses me even more is the way Google are handling the product. If you ever read “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries (if you didn’t, you should…), you can see a lot of concepts that are used to develop this innovation. Sell your product First concept that is introduced in the book is to charge money for your product....
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How I Coded my Costume

April 1, 2014

A few weeks ago we had our annual costume party at the office. This year I had no idea what am I going to do… I thought about it a bit, tossed around some ideas, but I was blocked. Then a friend at work gave me a great idea: Why not dress up as H.A.L. 9000? I’ve used H.A.L. character to brand our Continuous Deployment efforts (especially in the launch day we had for the process a few months back), so this sounded like a awesome. I had two ways to go: the easy way, and the cool way. The easy way...
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Deploy & Deliver

November 28, 2013

Previously, we’ve discussed the Vision of Continuous Deployment. when starting out implementing Continuous Deployment, I’ve noticed that people confuse it with Continuous Delivery. Both concepts are used a lot, and have several ways to defining them: Jezz Hubmble, Martin Fowler , Crisp's Blog I’ll try to redefine these from another point of view – the product’s point of view: Continuous Delivery: The ability to deliver features to production whenever we want Continuous Deployment: The ability to deploy our current without ANY manual intervention The way I think about it is that Continuous Delivery defines the requirement and Continuous Deployment is an implementation. Deliver is...

The Vision

November 11, 2013

I have a dream… In my dream each commit a developer does, is automatically tested and deployed to production without any manual intervention, without affecting the users of our app. Each commit is tested in the CI before it is deployed. Once the CI is green, the deployment starts automatically (including all the commits in that successful build). Version is deployed on a staging server on which smoke tests are performed to validate the version on real data, and only after they pass the version is deployed to production gradually. This vision is called Continuous Deployment – every developer’s dream… Why is this...
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Inspecting request from an IIS server

October 27, 2011

Let’s say we have a web application which makes calls to other services via http. We want to inspect the calls for bug hunting. If the calls where made from the browser on the client side then it is simple – use fiddler in order to inspect and analyze the calls. If you try to do the same with calls made from IIS, you will see nothing by default. Why? Fiddler is a proxy server for your calls. When you open it it creates a simple listener on and listens for calls. It also registers it self in the registry under...
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My new ideal workplace

September 18, 2011

In my last post (which was way too long ago), I've wrote what is my ideal workplace. After a while I found it! After a series of interviews I was hired by Sears Israel as a software developer for Sears Social. Sears Social is a new social experience which creates a new shopping experience using your social connections. After only a couple of months, I have to tell you – I made the right choice. This place is amazing! Great professional people, Agile practices and great atmosphere. It was pretty amazing for me to...
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Moving on…

June 10, 2011

In a month I will be leaving my current position in my company. After six and so years it is time to move on. In the last couple of months I've been thinking about where I would like to work – what is the ideal workplace for me? Experienced and talented people from whom I can learn An interesting an compelling product – I think it is very important to believe I what you do. Agile environment, a team and management which believes in the agile process...

Transaction trouble with Cache

Consider the following problem: We have a web app which can send messages between the users that are connected to it. A user can send a message to any number of users. The implementation is simple: When a user sends a message: The message is saved in the database Cache value is inserted for each recipient. The saved value is a time stamp which indicates when the user last received a message. ...
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