Create ERD From SQL 2008 in Visio 2007

13 בדצמבר 2009


Hello again!

Today I'd like to share with the way how to create Entity-Relation Diagram in Visio 2007, from SQL 2008 (which natively don't so like each other) .

While you create ERD in SQL, it's not so complicate, but what if you want share your ERD with some one who has no ability to look at your DB? Create Visio (*.vsd).

Well, the steps are next:

1. Open your Visio 2007.

2. Open "File-New-Software and Database-Database Model Diagram(metric)" (metric – because we use metric system, in other countries – you can choose appropriate measuring system).

3. On toolbar find "Database" button, click and choose "Reverse Engineer".

4. Click it, there opens a window, where you should select "Generic OLE DB Provider" (this is the trick – because according to Microsoft – Visio 2007 does not support SQL 2008 for this very specific feature (I checked it here for example, then press "Next" where you should choose Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC drivers (maybe other options do work – didn't check ’em all 🙂 )

5. In next window you need to configure connection properties for your server.

6. After configuring connection – you'll get three windows, where you should choose all DB Objects relevant for your diagram (stored procedures, tables etc')

7. In a last window you'll be asked rather create Visio Shapes immidiately, or you will create them later (I choosed immidiately), press finish.

8. After those actions – you should have nicely created VSD with relations of your DB.


Have a nice day!

Yonathan Masovich



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  1. Rick Kwitkoski8 בפברואר 2012 ב 20:24

    I am using Visio 2010 but the above screen shots seem to be the same.

    HOWEVER, when I get to the dialog where I am supposed to select tables, views, sps etc., nothing is listed there.

    I saw no where in the wizard where I was to select a specific database that existed on the server.

    I got a connection to the server but nothing asked which database I wanted to use.

    Any help? Thanks.

  2. yonathanm14 בפברואר 2012 ב 14:48

    Hi Rick,

    I have Visio 2007 for now, so can't tell you. All office products from 2010 – are Ribbon based, and it looks completely different from older products.

    Is there any place for choosing correct provider? Maybe that's the reason why you don't see your tables/views etc'.

  3. Brandon27 במרץ 2012 ב 13:02

    Yeah, it happens sometimes … Nothing special.