A great video every programmer must see, or "How do they do it in NASA?"

9 בנובמבר 2013

Hi to all, Long time no see :) I've got a link to some video presentation, from a friend. The link has a video, which is about "how do they do it in NASA?", talking about the coding standards., It's certainly one of the best vids for last time I've seen. The presenter is speaking about rules of developing SW for a Curiosity space program, but so many things are common and known to each of us, right? So, here is the video. The...
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C# how to copy entire row from one DataTable to another DataTable

10 באוקטובר 2012

Hi, This post comes as a description, of a certain need I've run into: I have a DataTable, which sometimes can have more than oner row. In that case, I need to find the last updated row, and insert it into another DataTable. The code which des the work looks like that:  //Gets some DataTable DataTable Source = GetDataTable();DataTable Destination = new DataTable(); if (Source != null && Source.Rows != null && Source.Rows.Count > 1) {    //Creates a structure in destination same, as in a source    Destination = Source.Clone();    //Gets a row with MAX date in all rows        Destination.ImportRow(Source.Select("DATE = MAX(DATE)").FirstOrDefault());    //Changes origin DataTable to a filtered one     Source = Destination; }    Before you import a row, you need to create a structure for a destination DataTable, by...
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Visual Studio 2012 RC released

4 ביוני 2012

Hi, This download link received today, and as I see - the branding of new Visual Studio  is little bit different (logos a design in general ) from VS2012 Beta. According to Microsoft, the performance was improved, all the improvements can be seen in this comparsion table. The bad side of a new and a glamour VS 2012, that we again need to update our operations system: for an example, Beta was installed on my Windows Server 2008, and the RC is only for next version - Windows 7/Server2008R2/Windows8 RC/Windows Server 2012 RC. Supported Operating Systems Windows 7 (x86 and x64)Windows 8 Release...

WCF invoke error: "Unable to generate a temporary class (result=1). error CS0030:"

13 בפברואר 2012

Hi, I make some POC with WSDL which is exposed on OASIS site.  At this moment, I've tried to generate a class for some test purposes, from a given WSDL of WS-HumanTasks (OASIS). After adding generated *.cs to my project (some WCF service), implemented an interface, and added some mock code for a stubs created. I've added a console application, for consuming of the WCF with generated code, and started to receive an error on an invoke: Unable to generate a temporary class (result=1). error CS0030: Cannot convert type 'System.Xml.XmlQualifiedName' to 'System.Xml.XmlQualifiedName' error CS0030: Cannot convert type 'System.Xml.XmlQualifiedName' to 'System.Xml.XmlQualifiedName'...
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Visual Studio 2011 features (beta preview)

6 בדצמבר 2011

Hello guys! Last days I was playing and learning a bit about the new Microsoft Visual Studio, the Visual Studio 2011 (beta, developers preview). Nice IDE with enhanced properties, much alike to VS 2010, with many new features. Here I place some of these features, I hope you would find them as useful and cool as I do. Common Features: 1. New .Net Framework 4.5 2. Asynchronous programming, here is an article 3. Browsing of class objects in *.cs files. While browsing – you can double click on an object, and go directly to object/method definition. 4. Edit of code in...
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Sharepoint 2010 fails "Mount operation has failed as application…" error

21 ביולי 2011

Hi, While I tried to crawl external sites, I got "Access Denied". After googling, I have found that there's an CU needed to be installed. Ok, did that again, and another exceptions started to jump out. As a 99.99% nub in SPS 2010, desperatlry was googling again and again, but finally found solution. So, if you see: This: Mount operation has failed as application 'SomeGuid' did not meet backwards compatibility check with the admin database.  Or this: Application 'SomeGuid'  - The 'Search'  database version is less than the minimum backwards compatibility schema version supported for this component. The component will not be mounted....
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BizTalk. Where? When? What?

20 ביולי 2011

Hi all, I've just read an article from Richard Seroter, about whether BizTalk Server would stay with us for a long time. Check it out - it worth your time. I feel a little bit sad about it - the potential dead end of a nice product, but, looking at the bright side of it - I'm happy with it. It's a nature way of life - to stay on move, to change. Is BizTalk Server Going Away At Some Point? Yes. Dead? Nope. The Future of Middleware and the BizTalk Roadmap BizTalk Server still has a pulse: Kent Wear's article Have a nice...
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Sharepoint Search services: FAST 2010

11 ביולי 2011

This post is quite different from all I was involved in, from a technical point of view, it's about Sharepoint 2010.  Lately I was interested in FAST 2010 - a search engine/service for Sharepoint 2010. While playing with the server, and a code - I've found that there's a problem to perform a crawling on some external (public) internet sites. The error was "Access denied" - with suggestions to make a certian credentials specifications. After googling couple of minutes, I've discovered the issue cause: Sharepoint 2010 installed on Windows server 2008 R2. Well, it's strange a bit, not allowing to search public sites, they are...
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Hosting published orchestration as WCF in-process of Biztalk

1 במרץ 2011

Hello, Couple of days ago, I've been requested to make a little POC, about hosting published orchestration as WCF - in biztalk process, instead of on IIS. After looking for a solution, I've created a tiny orchestration - "GetRequestMessage-BuildResponseMessage_WithHardcodedValue-SendResponseMessage". The orchestration received an incoming message through Request-Response port, with direct binding. The subscription was on the Incoming Message type, or any suitable for your purposes value. The desired adapter was WCF-Custom, with wsHTTPbinding, or basicHTTPbinding (it didn't really matter for me on this stage). So, after deploying an application, restarting services etc' - I have changed the generated port (by wcf publishing wizard) - from...
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Biztalk: how to create custom filename on output

5 בדצמבר 2010

Today I will tell you how to implement some cool option with BizTalk and send port macros.Lately we were requested to build one of our subsystems, which is responsible for creating reports once a day. Actually, the data is taken from DB, and transformed with a map to a flat file.The trick we needed to implement - was creating a file with a name, built partly of permanent part, and partly to be a date of creation "File_Name_ddMMyyyy.ext"In BTS (for those who don't know) - there's an option to create some template names using macros in send port (as mentioned...
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