The Mojave Experiment

28 ביולי 2008

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Last week, for 3 day somewhere in San Francisco, Microsoft conducted a marketing experiment for the next version of Windows code name "Mojave". Microsoft gathered over 120 computer users (common folks – consumers not the usual computer experts) whom are all critics of Windows Vista. The promise was to give them all a sneak peak of Windows Vista successor and use their criticism to build a better product.

Windows Mojave was Windows Vista. The same product. The critics did not seem to realize and apparently loved the new operating system. More than 90% gave positive feedback on the operating system which is incredible if you consider that all gave negative feedback about the same product earlier on.

I have to say, that is an amazing marketing trick which is just one of many other marketing efforts to bring Vista back to life.

Tomorrow, July 29th, the results of the experiment will be publicly publish The Mojave Experiment (

Full article can be found at CNet here

It took me 25 min to write this post. Any feedback is welcome.

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  1. Eran Kampf30 ביולי 2008 ב 4:08

    Consider the fact that most Vista negative feedback is regarding hardware requirement and incompatibility with old devices.

    This "experiment" doesn't disprove any of these… it just shows that Vista's UX is pretty nice and works well on the new hardware at the Microsoft labs…