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23 ביוני 2008

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My love to Live Mesh grows from day to day. In case you  don't know what logo_topLive Mesh is, in short "Live Mesh puts you  at the center of your digital world, seamlessly connecting you to the people, devices, programs, and information you care about — available wherever you happen to be"


The available (today) CTP enable you to setup your "Ring of devices" and share files, content between these devices. Also you can share specific folders / items with your friends making Live Mesh the idea technology for image and music sharing.

I have only 2  devices – my work computer and home computer, but all my Live Mesh are totally synced.



LiveMeshFolderUpdateThe current version of Live Mesh enables me to synch few very important files between my home computers and my work computers. Imagine it as it is like free back up, this gives me the option to seamlessly setup new "back up folder" and have my wife use is as if they are just another folder – BTW Live Mesh folders are just like any Windows folder, just they can sync!

As you can see my "Install less" folder contains few folders and files. One I add or delete file to this (or any other Live Mesh folder) they are all automatically replicated to all my other machine base on configuration. You can see that each file and folder that is updated in this folder is automatically synced with my other device.


The next version of Live Mesh will allow you to program against the Live Mesh infrastructure. Doing so allow you to share application and application context between devices. I highly recommend you take a look at a web cast Ori Amiga did in his Channel 9 Web Cast. The next version of Live Mesh will also include a Developer SDK for which we can use this infrastructure to create real cool application and share data between users and devices across the web. Think about the implication of using this service from Mobile deceive, and no just Windows Mobile, but platform like Nokie's S65 (and up) and Apple's iPhone!


But until the next version I want to be able to share my application. How can I do that? Well to some degree you can have similar experience. Here is an idea I got from Jeff Sandquist (the founding father of Channel 9, Channel 8, and Channel 10). I have a folder of applications that I always need and use that do not require installation, Like Note++, Reflector, ZoomIt, and etc (see large picture) that I uploaded to my Mesh. Once these files are on my Mesh, from any computer (any where) I can simply log-in to my Mesh, double click the app, and there you go. The app will RUN – it is like magic. Even more, now when I install a new computer, all I need to do it connect to my Mesh and I can automatically sync this folder, practically "installing" these application on my new machine in no time. All so sweet 🙂




(It took my about 60 min to write this post.)

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2 תגובות

  1. Brian9 ביולי 2009 ב 19:10

    Would an application that does require installing also upload and run on the Mesh?
    I'm trying to figure out what the most safe and secure way of using a remote desktop in business application while also being free unlike Apple's MobileMe.

  2. Oren4 בנובמבר 2010 ב 10:20

    I use to have Live Sync with great stisfaction to suncronize between my laptop and desktop. Recently, I installed Live Mesh but the sync doesn't work. I get reports that 2 files were synced (when making a change), but if i check at the other unit (the desktop or laptop), I don't see that the change actually happened.

    Bottom line, I had to use for the time being a small software that works fine, but not through the Internet.

    I would much rather return to use Live Mesh as I used before with Live Sync