Silverlight 2 for Linux – Is Microsoft Opening Up?

18 במאי 2008

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It is time to for Moonlight!!! Monnlight is an open source implementation of Microsoft Silverlight for Unix systems, is now available in both  Silverlight v1 and Silverlight 2 builds. 


While Silverlight still has some long way to become widely adapted as Adobe’s Flash, it is Microsoft's main web browser plug-in that is driving a change to the way we write Web Rich Media Applications today.


Moonlight is not a Microsoft project, but Microsoft has been working together with Mono,  an open source project sponsored by Novell, to develop and run .Net client and server applications on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix, to make a Linux version of Silverlight happen.


The Moonlight project is more than "just" running SL on a Mac or a Linux machine. Microsoft is taking these steps no just to increase the adoption of the SL browser plug-in. Microsoft is taking these steps to becoming more open and embracing a more open attitude towardslogo_top_5 the "rest of the world". Take a look at the last announcements about Live  Mesh and the over all Windows Live platform to understand that Microsoft is changing. . . and we in Microsoft understands that the days of a single application for a single machine are long gone and realizing that fact and changing the way we address our future development is an important aspect of the new Live attitude. And it is not just Microsoft, Recent announcements by Google, Yahoo,  MySpace, and Facebook also indicate a general trend toward opening up the software world.

Welcome to a new world.


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I want to thank Goksin Bakir for this blog insight

And Rohan Thomas for his original blog post

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