PDC 08 Preview: this time – Photosynth & CSI

3 במאי 2008

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One might ask what is the connection between Microsoft's Photosynth and the popular TV series – CSI (Crime Scene Investigation), Well just read this post and find why you need to be in PDC 08.

PDC 08 is due in few months (October 27-30, 2008) and as I wrote in a former post, if you are a developer, it is the one place for you to be.

This is the second post on a series of PDC 08 Preview posts. Previous post:


This time we are going to talk about . If anyone doesn't already knows what is or , please take a look at this video. You can also play with this technology yourself. Logo_Photosynth seadragon21small[1]


Well you may say, this is not new. So what is the deal with PDC08 – which all about new stuff and the future? Ah, for PDC we are planning to show some amazing new features associated with Photosynth. Most of them are related to Web 2.0, sharing and combining Photosynth collections. Really exciting stuff. . .


But for the time, you way want to check the next episode of CSI in which the good guys solve a  case by reconstituting the crime scene using Photosynth.




My advice for you, start collecting picture for future synth 😉


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