TechEd Israel 2008, here I Come

3 באפריל 2008

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teched[1] Someone in Microsoft Israel decided I should be the keynoter in TechEd Israel 2008. When I was asked if I agree to take the job, I said yes with no hesitation. Little I know how hard is to create and deliver a "kick Ass" Keynote sessions. But rest assure, this year keynote is going to be different.

First there are two different Keynote sessions. One for all of us, cool geeks whom love development so much, and one for all the rest of common people, you know, IT guys 😉2069395590_d77618de97_m[1]

Second, because of this separation, we can do live coding on stage (if all goes well 🙂 showing real code and real demos !!!

Last, but not least. We have very cool surprises and games.

It is going to be fun fun fun

Just make sure you arrive on time to, the Developers Keynote Session, starts at 12:30 in Eilat, Royal Beach Hotel.

Be there or be square

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