PDC 08 Preview : Live Mesh

27 באפריל 2008

PDC 08 is due in few months (October 27-30, 2008) and as I wrote in a former post, if you are a developer, it is the one place for you to be. In this year PDC we are going to talk about a lot of cool things. Some you heard already like Oslo, some are completely new like . . . I wish I could told you but then it will not be a Surprise. However, last week, the Live team, unveiled a new technical preview of Live Mesh service. What is Live Mesh? Well Live Mesh is a...
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TechEd Israel 2008, here I Come

3 באפריל 2008

Someone in Microsoft Israel decided I should be the keynoter in TechEd Israel 2008. When I was asked if I agree to take the job, I said yes with no hesitation. Little I know how hard is to create and deliver a "kick Ass" Keynote sessions. But rest assure, this year keynote is going to be different. First there are two different Keynote sessions. One for all of us, cool geeks whom love development so much, and one for all the rest of common people, you know, IT guys ;) Second, because of this separation,...
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