Today I Am Speaking At MIX08

5 במרץ 2008

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I guess I need to blog a little bit more often than I do. And I assume I need to write about all the presentations I did. During last year I had sessions at TechEd USA, TechEd Europe, and now it is time for MIX08. MIX is the right place to be if you want to talk about WEB, and about the things to come. But form my personal point of view; MIX is turning to be the most important (after PDC) event for Microsoft as the future becomes more and more Web and S+S oriented.

Why I think that way you may ask yourself? Simple, Microsoft is putting a lot of attention towards S+S, SOA and web in general. Just take a look at Silverlight 2 and the announcements following MIX Keynote tomorrow. Here is a short list of these announcements:image

I am speaking with Dr. Gil Huppert Graff from UI. We have a session about Adaptive User Interface using WPF. A real cool topic, but is again another blog topic. Once we deliver the session I will post the slides and the demos. 24 hours after my session you will be able to see my video recording on the web.

C U all once I am back 🙂

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