How Do You Know You Wrote a Good Software or I "See the Power (Shell) Is Strong On The Dark Side"

6 בדצמבר 2007

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Thanks to Alik, I got to read this post from the PowerShell Team.

IBM Releases PowerShell Cmdlets to Manage WebSphere MQ

Don't belive me, see with your own eyes – Dale Lane from IBM posted a blog entry HERE describing a set of PowerShell Cmdlets to manage WebSphere MQ.  You can download the PDF documentation and bits from the IBM website HEREThe ZIP file contains a PDF called PowerShellCookBook which has a bunch of examples of how to use the cmdlets.

You got to love this, I mean what more can the PowerShell Team ask for? Come on, when your competitor, in this case the International Business Machine organization, starts using your software, you know you have a good piece of software. So referring to Tamir's why good programmer never write good programs post, I think we found one software that can be qualified as "good enough".

 PS If you are not familiar with PowerShell I recommend you start reading the PowerShell Team blog, you read Shahr Gvirtz blog and see his "The Power of PowerShell" presentation recoding (inn two weeks time).

May the "Power of PowerShell" Be With You My Friends

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