Microsoft Developer Academy II – Session List (A-Z)

19 בנובמבר 2007

12 תגובות

AJAX Security

Ajax technology is not new (rather it is a collection of technologies), is available to ASP.NET developers, and is very powerful. However, there are potential security issues that must be considered when designing and developing any solution. These include client-side versus server-side security checking, an increased attack surface, and the possibility for cross-site scripting attacks. This presentation will introduce you to these issues and possible solutions.

Speaker: Nimrod Luria

Level: 300

Application Performance Analysis with Visual Studio Team System

Today’s customers demand responsive applications, and improving your application’s performance is becoming a must to maintain a competitive edge. This session digs into the tips and tricks of how to find and resolve performance bottlenecks with the Code Profiler and Web Load and Stress tests.

Speaker: Guy Kolbis

Level: 300

ASP.NET AJAX Nuts & Bolts

What is AJAX? Why should you care about that? How do you use it effectively? This session will start with a brief introduction to AJAX, and continue to explore server and client components of the ASP.NET AJAX extensions. The ScriptManager and partial updates using the UpdatePanel will be discussed. Efficient use (and the internals) of the deceptively simple UpdatePanel will be detailed. Communication mechanisms and other AJAX patterns will be demonstrated using Visual Studio 2008.

Speaker: Pavel Yosifovich

Level: 400

Building a Complete Web Application Using ASP.NET and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

This session is a must for web developers seeking for improved performance and UI for their users, and more importantly – better development tools for themselves. Come see how Visual Studio 2008 takes Web development to the next level with a demo-filled tour of all the improvements including IIS 7.0 as the most extensible & customizable web server around, rich smooth standards-based UI with CSS, ASP.NET Ajax enhancements and built in JavaScript Intellisense, and the new Dynamic Data Controls and Linq support for the Web

Speaker: Noam King

Level: 300

Deep Dive Into Silverlight 1.0 & 1.1 – Part 1

Deep Dive Into Silverlight 1.0 & 1.1 – Part 2

Silverlight is Microsoft’s new cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for building Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and offering immersive media experiences in the browser. Version 1.1 features the same XAML drawing engine and rich media and streaming support as 1.0, and it extends the Silverlight programming model to support .NET in the browser, complete with generics, isolated storage, networking, threading, and other features of the .NET Framework. This session builds on what you learned in BUILDING GREAT WEB EXPERIENCES WITH SILVERLIGHT 1.0 to provide a complete and comprehensive overview of the Silverlight platform

Speaker: Yosi Taguri

Level: 300

Developing WPF based UI, What we learned so far and still to come

Bottom line, the WPF revolution is already here, and it is here to stay. The User Interface world is changing and we invite you to learn how to build richer more compelling and powerful User Interface using WPF. In this session we will present projects developed using WPF and what we learned from it. We will gladly share the knowledge gain so far in designing and developing User Interface with WPF and the combination of WPF code and designer. There are things we don’t know, but we’ll map the with you. Join us, it will be a blast.

Speaker: Dr. Ya'acov Grinshpan

Level: 200

Next Generation Data Access with LINQ to SQL

In Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft brings Next Generation Data Access with LINQ to SQL , a part of the LINQ project. LINQ to SQL is designed to integrate relational data and queries easily into applications, without sacrificing high-performance SQL-based approaches. In this session we will deep dive into LINQ to SQL, explore both the features and limitations of the new technology, and see how it can help us face the challenges in the data access area. You'll walk away from this session with many insights about adopting LINQ to SQL in your next generation application. NOTE: Since LINQ to SQL is built on LINQ, we recommend that you also attend the session: "Discover .NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Framework."

Speaker: Guy Burstein

Level: 300

Principles and Patterns of Performance & Scalability for Architects

Today's world demands us to create high-scale, high-performance applications and systems. In this session we will understand the difference and the connection between Performance & Scalability and review architectural and development patterns & principles, as well as many tips, on building high-scalable applications. In 60 minutes we will touch: planning performance & scalability; techniques like Output and Data Caching, real Asynchronous programming, Message queuing; mention dozens of performance tips; dive into advanced IIS tuning; hover over several Database principles; discuss tools, like Code Profiler, SQL Server Profiler and free Stress tools .

Speaker: Vladimir Vexler

Level: 300

Programming WF with Performance in Mind

WF is a new technology that brings modeling ideas to the programmers and creates a whole new and exciting programming experience. The modeling concept is great, however in practice many customers experienced some performance degradation when using WF due to miss conceptions and luck of understanding . Therefore the question to ask is how can we benefit from the great architectural concepts of WF without experiencing performance degradation? In this talk we will understand the price of each element in WF and look at live performance tests. We will understand how to design a workflow that will comply with our performance requirements. With the knowledge of the WF runtime performance behavior we will be able to enjoy WF at its best Modeling is great in, however in practice many customers experienced some performance degradation when using WF due to miss conceptions and luck of understanding . Therefore the question to ask is how can we benefit from the great architectural concepts of WF without experiencing performance degradation? In this talk we will understand the price of each element in WF and look at live performance tests. We will understand how to design a workflow that will comply with our performance requirements. With the knowledge of the WF runtime performance behavior we will be able to enjoy WF at its best.

Speaker: Manu Cohen-Yashar

Level: 400

Psychic Debugging and Performance 101

Of course it's just a close call on a socket blocking my finalizer! Discover the power of psychic debugging by taking advantage of the latest debugging features of Visual Studio 2008, SOS.DLL and its community extensions, hard-core local kernel debugging and other techniques. Dig into the bare metal .NET internals to impress your colleagues with psychic insight on performance problems. Reach outside the box to investigate leaky abstractions, failing invariants and "this-just- can't-be" bugs. Make your programming language, environment and debugger true tools to help your cause instead of being enslaved to them!

Speaker: Sasha Goldstien

Level: 400

SQL Server 2008 for Developers

SQL Server 2008, code name Katmai, is Microsoft’s next Database version. Katmai has become a platform for storing data, managing data, enforcing security with extremely strong management solution. Katmai has extend the SQL2005 performance envelop and works even better with high loads in key core applications. In this session we will focus on the development side of Katmai for developers, and what are the new cool features a developer can use. This is a mixture of SQL features and new .NET features like ADO.Entity and LINQ .

Speaker: Yoni Okun

Level: 300

Team System Real Life Implementation at Customer Site Every developer should know how to check out a file, make changes, and then check it back in. But what about the bigger picture? What are the values for the customer to Implement Full ALM solution? In this session, we will discuss how did we integrate Team system as Application Management Life Cycle solution to a large Development Team. We will describe the functions & values of Team system on one hand, and how & what we actually implemented in real life. We shall discuss our current status and our future plans within the Organization. Join in to learn real life Team System Implementation!

Speaker: Eyal Reissman

Level: 300

The Matrix! Powered by Microsoft Modelling Framework

Models have always been our favorite way to express ourselves on Visio, on white boards or even on a napkin. However, when starting to code, usually the original models become out of date and are never reused. In this session, we will introduce the new parts of the Microsoft Modeling Framework and show how they make models reusable. We will assume the role of the architect of the Matrix (Yes, the Movie) and build a top-down architecture using the new features in Visual Studio Architecture Edition 2008. Later on, we will demonstrate the DSL Tools Customization, Code Generation and language customizations with Domain Specific Languages such as a use case and a navigation flow. As for dessert, we will discuss some of the more interesting Modeling solutions that Microsoft offers today with a sneak preview to the future

Speaker: Eliaz Tobias

Level: 300

The Power of Windows Power Shell

Windows PowerShell, Microsoft's next generation command line scripting solution , is much more than simple command line tool – PowerShell is a Powerful Platform. As developers, PowerShell lets us improve the integration with OS and other applications which have PowerShell based API. It is build upon .Net Framework 2.0, therefore it’s simple and time-saving for integration with your .NET application. In the presentation, you’ll learn the advantages for your application, how to use PowerShell from your Application, and how to write command-lets and providers that can help other developers to integrate with your application (build API based on PowerShell). Additionally, you’ll learn how to use scripts to perform applicative tasks easily.

Speaker: Shahar Gvirtz

Level: 300

WCF Extensibility

WCF is a powerful infrastructure that be expend and adjust according to the organization or project specific needs. In this session we will examine all the area in which WCF can be extended in order to get better performance, additional Routing options and much more. This session is intended for people familiar with WCF and want to have a better understanding of how WCF does it magic underneath the hood.

Speaker: Eyal Vardi

Level: 400

Windows Server 2008 – Your Next Software App Server

Windows Server 2008 brings new concepts and abilities. In this lecture we will present an overview of the main new features that will help you build new and modern applications. This is not a deep dive into API and code presentation! We will present and demonstrate the new software management abilities (Windows Eventing 6.0, Task Scheduler 2.0 …), the new reliability mechanisms (Restart Manager, Transactional NTFS….), IIS 7.0 (Managed and Native Extensions, Windows Activation Service), Network Improvement and more

Speaker: Alon Fliess & Sasha Goldstien

Level: 300

Windows Server 2008 – A Deep Dive Into the Fundamental Mechanisms

New Operating System, New APIs! Put the mask on, and let's dive! In this presentation we will see how you can leverage many of the new Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista capabilities. We will see how to program with the new Windows Restart Manager. How we can create reliable applications using the Kernel & NTFS Transaction Manager. We will discover the new Threading and Concurrent mechanisms that let us build faster and scalable code on modern multi-core multi-cpu server platforms

Speaker: Alon Flies

Level: 400

WPF For Developers – Lessons learn from last year (Or Optimizing Your WPF Application)

WPF gives the ability to design amazing good looking UI while keeping in mind the User Experience, however you have to know how to utilize the powerful WPF in the right fashion. In This session we will explore how WPF should be used correctly and we will learn few tips and tricks

Speaker: Tamir Khason

Level: 400


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