Performance: Automatically minify java script files with Visual Studio.

21 באוקטובר 2009

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One of simplest ways to reduce network load is to minify java script files downloaded to a clients. By minifying I mean removing all “Enters”, “Tabs”, “Spaces”, Comments etc.  all those that help us to turn our scripts into a readable story.

Since I’m a typical lazy software developer – I hate doing those manually, especially if it should be done each release… Another spoiler is that minifying java script converts it into barely readable bunch of string – not so pleasant to debug…

So I’ve found that grate article by Dave Ward that describes a way to integrate automatic java script file minifying into development lifecycle  “Automatically minify and combine JavaScript in Visual Studio”.

Do it once … and do it right…

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3 תגובות

  1. eyalweiss21 באוקטובר 2009 ב 10:36

    Hi Yevgeni,

    A few days ago microsoft released a new (free) "Microsoft AJAX Minifier" tool.
    In the next article they do a little comparison with other minifires.

    Eyal Weiss

  2. Frolov Yevgeni21 באוקטובר 2009 ב 10:57

    Thanks Eyal,
    Looks like a good tool to add to my toolkit 🙂
    Although it's still has to be integrated into development cycle. One of ways to do it is with command line tool and this way there is a good description how to do it in Dave Ward's article.

  3. Avi Pinto21 באוקטובר 2009 ב 11:34

    Great! thanks