So I Have a Blog Now…

November 19, 2013

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Yes, It’s official – I have a blog now. I’ve been putting this off for a while now, even avoiding it to tell the truth. But everyone’s got a blog these days, so why not me? On this blog I plan to give my 2 cents on software development, technology and other geek-related topics.

A little about me – my name is Yaniv Yosifovich and I am a senior software architect at CodeValue. I have over 10 years experience developing software and leading development teams, primarily using various Microsoft technologies. I am also an indie video game developer in my spare time, so I’ll probably do some blogging on this topic as well. You can read more about me in the About me page.

Since this blog is primarily about software development and no post is complete without at least one code snippet, I think it would be appropriate to start with a traditional “Hello World!” to all my prospective readers. But what language should I choose?  I’ve been using C# for a good portion of my career; It’s a an extremely well designed language, taking the best Java has to offer, improving on the syntax and adding additional useful language feature. Using C# and the .NET ecosystem, I’ve developed many complex applications successfully. However, in the past couple of years something strange happened – I found myself getting sucked into the chaotic world of modern web development. Customers no longer want Windows based desktop clients and no longer want to host their services on-premise. They crave web applications that run everywhere (preferably single-page, responsive apps) and cloud hosting for their services. So I started using that unholy language of them all for my client development – JavaScript.So without further ado, here goes:

console.log('Hello and welcome to \'Strongly Typed\', Yaniv\'s blog about software development and all things geek. This is post number %d.', 1);

You may have noticed I’m using the identifier ‘console’ here. “What is console” you ask? Well, like everything in JS it is an object which is basically a typeless property bag. “But you haven’t declared it anywhere”, you rightly state. Don’t worry, it’s a global and it’s declared somewhere. “But how do you know it has a ‘log’ method that takes 2 arguments?” you ask. Well, because someone defined a property named ‘log’ on this object and set it to a function object. And besides, I looked at the documentation – the function takes any number of arguments but depending on the type of the first one does something different. Naturally.

You are welcome to copy-paste the code into your browser’s console window and try it. It’ll work… except in IE9 and older… and maybe other browsers too… Well, let’s try to stay positive here. It’s going to be okay. Probably.

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