SSAS Performance tips – Lessons Learned – Part 2

18 במאי 2010

On a previous post I wrote about how the number of databases in an SSAS instance can make an impact on the overall performance of the instance. In this post I want to discuss another, more “explainable” property that you can set in order to improve cube processing performance. Trying to optimize processing time of our databases I set up a performance monitor trace to identify if we are having any resource bottlenecks that we need to address. Looking at the “Physical Disk: Disk Writes Bytes/sec” counter I noticed that it recorded a fairly small numbers most of...
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SSAS Performance tips – Lessons learned – Part 1

15 במאי 2010

I’ve been researching a few performance issues lately on an Analysis Services 2005 instance with 20 (almost) identical databases on it, each weighing roughly 2.5GB and containing 6-7 cubes with approximately 400 partitions in each cube. As you can imagine, this makes up quite an impressive number of files stored on disk. SSAS stores everything on files, and unlike its relational relative (no pun intended), which will store hundreds of GB of data on a fairly small number of large files (I know this is an over simplification of how one should plan for data file allocation on SQL...
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[OT] – How I started working with SQL Server

5 במאי 2010

I was asking the readers to tell us how their SQL Server career started and I though I’d share my story with you as well: I have actually started working with databases when I was a student. I was working at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa in a part-time job as a developer, writing applications in Access and Delphi (?!) with an underlying Oracle database. When I completed my studies I got a job as a Project Manager at Panorama Software Systems. This company manages data warehouse projects and sells front-end business intelligence software based on the Microsoft platform...
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