SQL & BI Data Platform seminar – Your chance to win an entry ticket!

29 באפריל 2010

Microsoft and John Bryce have organized a 2 days data seminar which focuses on SQL Server technologies. This can be an excellent chance for anyone who is involved in any way with SQL Server platform to attend a large number of technical sessions. Mr Donald Farmer, a Principal Program Manager for Microsoft SQL Server at Microsoft will also be attending and his session is not to be missed by any BI professional. I was given an entry ticket to both days of the seminar (these would cost you 1,800NIS if you were to purchase them) a single day...
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Database data file size limitation – SSMS

26 באפריל 2010

I had to configure a data file in a very large database this one time and I used Management Studio for that. The file size I was aiming at was 3TB (a very large database indeed). I was quite surprised to see that SSMS has a limit to the size you can configure, which was 2,097,152 MB (i.e. roughly 2TB). I thought I was missing something here and quickly turned to SQL Server Maximum Capacity Specifications to see how big a data file can get, and to found out it is 16TB, not 2TB (the transaction log is restricted...
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