DMVs for Analysis Services

27 בינואר 2010

Not too many people know that they can query internal performance and resource related data for SSAS using DMVs. Yes, I’m talking about similar DMVs to the much more known relational database DMVs, only these DMVs can be queried by connecting to an SSAS instance, open a new MDX or DMX query window (either way will work for you) and type a simple SELECT statement which retrieves the information from the DMVs. These DMVs are actually metadata that is kept internally as schema rowsets and you can simply query them as if they were plain relational tables. There are...
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PowerPivot – Part 3: Basic DAX

18 בינואר 2010

PowerPivot is a combination of Excel and Analysis Services, enabling users to create complex and high-data-volume reports and enjoy the flexibility and usability of Excel alongside the high-performing SSAS engine. In this post I’ll be taking a closer look at a couple of DAX expressions. The DAX expression language is a special expression language which was added to the PowerPivot the Excel 2010 products, and enables the user to query multiple tables (as opposed to the traditional Excel expression language). I’m going to use two new DAX functions, the RELATED() and the RELATEDTABLE() functions, to illustrate the very...
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PowerPivot – Part 2: Creating A Basic Report

14 בינואר 2010

Continuing the PowerPivot series, I’ll now attempt at creating my first PowerPivot report. After opening Excel, first thing we need to do is getting ourselves a data set to work with. To do so, I’ll click on the “data” tab and choose “From Other Sources” button and connect to my local SQL Server instance, to the “AdventureWorksDW2008” database. Running through a familiar set of wizard screens (similar to the Excel 2007 wizard), where I’m prompted to choose a database, and get the option to choose a specific table or leave the connection “table-agnostic”. I’ll choose the option to be...
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PowerPivot – Checking what the hype is all about – Part 1: Installation

4 בינואר 2010

With so much talk about PowerPivot, “BI for the masses”, collaboration and, of course, world peace, I decided I’ll finally give PowerPivot a test run and see what the hype is all about. Attending the PASS summit a couple of months ago, this was by far the most talked about feature in the upcoming SQL Server 2008 R2 and Office 2010 products and it seems Microsoft is really excited with this new add-in. So, in the coming 2-3 blog posts I’ll try to describe how this tool works, and no better place to start with then the adventures...
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