Microsoft Exchange Server reported error 0x8004010F


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Exchange Server reported error 0x8004010F is received when trying to send and receive email on Outlook 2000/2003 with Exchange Server 2003. It occurs when Outlook hasn’t synchronized the offline address book properly, or it has been corrupted or missing.

If the OAB is missing, the server might be pointed to the wrong location of the address book

Open Exchange Manager
Double-click Servers
Double-click on Server Name
Double-click on Storage Group (Excahnge. First Storage)
Right-click on it and select Properties
Make sure there is a server listed in the box. If not, browse to it.

If the Offline Address Book OAB is corrupted, you must rebuild it.

Open Exchange Manager
Double-click Recipients Folder
Double-click Offline Address List
Right-click on it and select Rebuild


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