Taking Windows 8 to the Extreme

4 במרץ 2012

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How low can we go with Windows 8 hardware requirements?

Does Windows 8 really leaner and thinner than its predecessors?

As part of my work with SCCM and deployment projects, I have tested Win8 for the last 6 months and found that this OS provides several novelties, however a few questions are still open:

  • True or False – Windows 8 is really leaner and thinner than its predecessors

  • Hardware requirements – what is the minimum hardware configuration required for a decent productive office/business environment?

  • What is Windows 8 out of box driver support for old devices?
    i.e. network adapters, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sound, display adapters etc.?

  • Cold boot speed – is it faster?

Now as Windows 8 Customer Preview Build 8250 is released these Q are put to the test and these are the results:

Test layout:

  • Install Windows 8 from the DVD

  • Installing "regular" apps (not designed for touch technology nor tiles format)

  • Installing Windows 8 touch and tile supporting apps

Apps started for the test:

  • Office 2010 – Word

  • Office 2010 – Excel

  • Office 2010 – Outlook connected to Exchange 2010 mailbox in cached mode

  • Internet explorer (two tabs including Flash content)

  • Google Earth

  • Skype

  • Windows Explorer

  • Task Manager

  • Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010

  • Windows Gadgets


Out of several hardware configurations (deferent types of CPU's, CPU's speed and RAM memory sizes)

I have found that 7 years old computer with the following CPU and memory configuration:

  • CPU: Intel T2400 at 1.00 GHz Note: CPU tested speed: 1GHz, max CPU speed is 1.83 GHz

  • RAM: 1 GB

  • Computer model is: IBM Laptop ThinkPad R60e

Provided a suitable performance for the office environment and includes full support for the R60e devices that includes: 1Gb NIC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sound, display adapter including the Aero support (glass window display) and more.

Windows 8 Start window with all the installed apps

Windows 8 Start window

Windows 8 Desktop with all tested apps

Windows 8 - Desktop window

Note that even for a slow 1.00 GHz CPU only 30% utilization is required for all these apps

Although the 1GB RAM is loaded (about 90%) still the system almost did not use the disk Virtual Memory (disk utilization is insignificant or equal to 0%)

Task Manager window enlarged from original image above

Windows 8 - Task Manager window


Startup time

From turned off computer to logon screen including ThinkPad's welcome: 16 seconds!

Net boot time (excluding the ThinkPad's window): 10 seconds



Windows 8 is better for the Business environment (and others) even than Windows 7 and provides extended life time to old computer hardware resulting a significant savings for the organization and that is before we even started to review the new features that included with Windows 8

For further info contact me:

Yagil Adar, CEO
Adar Consulting
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