Experts4D News ,December 2007

2 בדצמבר 2007

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18 – 20/12/07 – MS AJAX & Silverlight from A to Z Course – TOC 


26 – 27/12/07 – CAB & SCSF Course – TOC

For the past few years we all hear about SOA – Service Oriented Architecture and the benefit it will bring to tour organization, we hear about Agile Development and the quick time to market it enables, but what about the User Interface (UI)?
We all would like to build our applications with a rich and friendly UI although the applications become more and more complex, connectivity to legacy systems required. How can we develop agile UI with reusable components?
With the release of Visual Studio 2005 Microsoft Patterns & Practices introduce a new UI concept based on the Smart Client approach: Composite User Interface Application Block – CAB.
The CAB Infrastructure is designed for building complex user interface while having the ability to communicate between the different UI components that might be dependent or independent, reusing the building blocks you already created in a new system you design.
In this Course we'll learn the how the CAB is composed and what will be the better way of using it as our UI framework. We will have hands-on on how to use the CAB and how to build quickly and efficiency the next generation of User Interface.


15 – 17/01/08 –  WCF Internal & Extensibility Course  – TOC

WCF is powerful infrastructures that be expend and adjust according to the organization or project specific needs. In this course we will examine all the area in which WCF can be extended in order to get better performance, additional Routing options and much more. This session is intended for people familiar with WCF and want to have a better understanding of how WCF does it magic underneath the hood.

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