Microblogging Dump from Developer Academy II

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm having a good time in Microsoft Israel' Developer Academy II. Currently listening to Ohad Israeli starting to go over my head with concepts like "aspects" and products like PostSharp in his "Mastering Infrastructure Development" lecture. Fascinating stuff. For those of you unable to follow my microblogging updates on facebook, here's a dump of all of them up until now, in descending chronological order: Uri is concerned over the overhead incurred by Policy Injection when instantiating new objects. 3:07pm Uri is intrigued by the EventLogWatcher add-on (to VS?). 2:57pm ...

Outbrain.com – Personalized blog recommendations

Monday, April 9, 2007

A couple of weeks ago I've had the pleasure of attending outbrain.com's "friends night out". A small get together of bloggers, outbrain.com crew and sympathizers. Not only was it great fun, it was also educational as Dr. Nahum Sharfman (of shopping.com fame) gave a short talk about the recent web 2.0 startup boom. Dr. Sharfman's bottom line seems to be that nobody knows what's going to catch on and what isn't, with the one exception that a viable business model should be the prerequisite for anyone thinking of getting involved. I heartily second that. I dread the...
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What’s missing in the new Google Reader?

Monday, November 6, 2006

I've been giving Google Reader a spin and I'm finding it very easy to get used to reading my RSS feeds through it. They've done an excellent job with the UI, as usual.But then I needed to find an old blog entry from Oren Eini's blog (a book recommendation for a fantasy trilogy of all things) and I've discovered that Google Reader is missing something very important. Something that Google is almost synonymous with - a search box.What and odd surprise - there is no search feature (that I could find) in the Google Reader. That's like finding out...
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