Microsoft Israel Bloggers’ Dinner #5

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just wanted to say a quick but hearty thank you to Omer Van Kloeten for having organized the fifth Bloggers Dinner. It took place yesterday at "Ad HaEtzem" restaurant in Airport City, Israel and was a fantastic experience. This was my first attendance at a Bloggers Dinner and I believe it was also the largest in the series of events arranged by Omer so far. A small note on "Ad HaEtzem" at Airport City. The restaurant was a bit tricky to find for me. I actually spent 15 minutes at the nearby "Aircafe" coffee shop before...
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LineRider – When wasting time on the web becomes art

Thursday, November 23, 2006

If you think you don't have a life – working hard hours on code, spending your free time on open source projects – you need to take a look at the LineRider phenomena and rethink that. LineRider (beta!) is flash game, or to follow its inventor more accurately, a flash toy where you draw the two dimensional course for a cute bobsledder. Complete with an amusing implementation gravity and inertia it's a fun way to waste a few minutes online. Unless, of course, you're insane. You're welcome to go to the LineRider Squidoo Lens to browse through some of...
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