Firefox bug #347226

Monday, March 31, 2008

Wired are giving The Mozilla Foundation a photo tour tribute in celebration of its 10 year anniversary. Flipping through the photos I bumped into the following quote referring to Alex Polvi of Mozilla: Polvi is famous for resolving Firefox bug #347226 by creating a giant crop circle using the Firefox logo in an Oregon oat field. Following the supplied links I was amazed to find that Firefox bug #347226 states that "there is no firefox crop circle" and that Mr. Polvi has indeed resolved it by creating a genuine UFO-style giant crop circle in an Oregon oat field!...

Firebug can make Gmail slow

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

If you have FireBug installed in FireFox and you've been experiencing slow response from Gmail lately, you might find the following interesting. I just fired up my FireFox first thing this morning, went to Gmail and got the following message in alarming red: I clicked the "Fix It" link and received detailed instructions on configuring FireBug not to "interfere" with Gmail, which I followed (just disabled FireBug for Now that's good service!
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Monday, April 9, 2007

A couple of weeks ago I've had the pleasure of attending's "friends night out". A small get together of bloggers, crew and sympathizers. Not only was it great fun, it was also educational as Dr. Nahum Sharfman (of fame) gave a short talk about the recent web 2.0 startup boom. Dr. Sharfman's bottom line seems to be that nobody knows what's going to catch on and what isn't, with the one exception that a viable business model should be the prerequisite for anyone thinking of getting involved. I heartily second that. I dread the...
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SeaMonkey – The poor man’s FireFox

Sunday, March 11, 2007

This is a bit on the "old news" side of things, but have you heard of SeaMonkey? SeaMonkey is FireFox's smaller, uglier but faster brother. SeaMonkey is a web browser from the Mozilla Foundation that's based on Gecko - the same "layout engine" as FireFox. That means it renders HTML to your screen the exact same way as FireFox does. The difference? While FireFox uses the fancy, but "expensive", XUL for its user interface, SeaMonkey uses the native UI elements of whatever OS it runs on. SeaMonkey has less features and looks uglier but runs faster that FireFox...
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FireFox and Cache-Control: max-age=0

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I usually post about problems that I've solved. But every once in a while, for all my digging around and googling, I come up on something that I can't solve quickly and thuroughly enough - so I post about it here in the hope someone can help.To make a long story short - I've found out that FireFox 1.5 appends a "Cache-Control: max-age=0" HTTP header to requests for ASPX files. This header tells the web server and any proxy servers on the way not to respond with cached version of the requested page and to go and run the...
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