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Sunday, July 29, 2007

digg_url = ''; Taken this Friday at Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Center shopping mall:
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Monday, April 9, 2007

A couple of weeks ago I've had the pleasure of attending's "friends night out". A small get together of bloggers, crew and sympathizers. Not only was it great fun, it was also educational as Dr. Nahum Sharfman (of fame) gave a short talk about the recent web 2.0 startup boom. Dr. Sharfman's bottom line seems to be that nobody knows what's going to catch on and what isn't, with the one exception that a viable business model should be the prerequisite for anyone thinking of getting involved. I heartily second that. I dread the...
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Which Science Fiction Writer are you?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Take this quiz and find out. And whaddaya know? Turns out: I am: William GibsonThe chief instigator of the "cyberpunk" wave of the 1980s, his razzle-dazzle futuristic intrigues were, for a while, the most imitated work in science fiction. Which science fiction writer are you? I couldn't ask for a bigger compliment!
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When did Open Source Software become so friendly?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I've just finished installing MediaWiki 1.8.2 (the same wiki engine that powers Wikipedia) on my machine at work. MediaWiki requires three things to be present on the machine prior to installing: A web server, A database server and the PHP engine. In my case that meant that I had to install Apache Http Server 2.2.3, MySQL 5.0.27 Community Server and PHP 5.2.0 - all from scratch. The point of this post is that I was surprised at how easy it was to obtain and install these 4 (counting MediaWiki) pieces of server software. With the exception of...

I’m a Mac. I’m a PC. The other way around.

Finally (!) Microsoft strikes back against Apple's hilariously funny "I'm a Mac. I'm a PC." commercials. It's not really a public commercial - more of an internal lampoon - and it's certainly not as sharp as some of the original Apple ads, but it goes to show that at least some people in MS are indeed in touch with reality and care to respond to the hammering they're getting on the web. Sony also jumped into the arena with a small flash banner that you can see on their Sony Australia website. Considering the amount of evil that company is doing...

LineRider – When wasting time on the web becomes art

Thursday, November 23, 2006

If you think you don't have a life – working hard hours on code, spending your free time on open source projects – you need to take a look at the LineRider phenomena and rethink that. LineRider (beta!) is flash game, or to follow its inventor more accurately, a flash toy where you draw the two dimensional course for a cute bobsledder. Complete with an amusing implementation gravity and inertia it's a fun way to waste a few minutes online. Unless, of course, you're insane. You're welcome to go to the LineRider Squidoo Lens to browse through some of...
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