Why you want to be a part of Alt.Net Israel

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I was fortunate today to take part in the first Alt.Net "unconference" to be held in Israel and let me tell you - it was an awesome experience! The concept of Alt.Net is that a group of .net enthusiasts get together and organize a conference by themselves for themselves to discuss .net, its past, present and future. Simply put, the audience organizes and gives the talks. Here's a more profound explanation: http://davybrion.com/blog/2008/08/altnet-what-does-it-mean/ The first Alt.Net Israel meeting was held at the Ramat Gan offices of the Sela Group who were kind enough to host us on short notice. The...

Using MSMQ for ASP.Net Session State?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Digging a little into MSMQ and how it can help me with a website tracking mechanism I'm working on, I've come up on an original idea posted by Don Demsak in his blog. Don suggests that when you need to have ASP.Net session state distributed across several web servers, you can possibly use MSMQ subqueues (a new feature in MSMQ 4.0) for storage. That is, ASP.Net could have one logical queue for each session its storing and use that to store the session data in a distributed fashion. This might prove to be faster and more scalable that...
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Client-side Validation using ASP.net Dynamic Data?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've just finished listening to my first ever podcast (I know, I know). It was the "Phil Haack on Model View Controller" episode of ".Net Rocks!" and I enjoyed listening to it very much. The episode is focused on ASP.net MVC, yet near the end Phil brings the new ASP.net Dynamic Data technology into the picture - surprisingly enough, in the context of validating data of the client-side. Phil suggests that the Dynamic Data feature of using attributes on (or next to) the data model to hint at how data is to be rendered, might, in the...
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Microsoft seriously endorses MVC/MVP

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One conclusion that I can draw from Tech-Ed Eilat 2008 is that Microsoft is in the process of endorsing the MVC / MVP pattern for real. At least three of the talks here touched upon the subject. Noam King's talk focused on the upcoming ASP.net MVC framework that is soon to RTM. Ohad Israeli and Glen Block's talk on the Web Client Software Factory 2.0 introduced me to that particular implementation of MVP for ASP.net. And this morning's talk by Ron Jacobs, titled "The Perfect Pattern Storm: TDD, UX and MVP" gave a "Presenter First" MVP implementation. ...
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ASP.Net MVC is our future

Monday, March 17, 2008

One of the most exciting technologies being developed by the ASP.net development team headed by Scott Guthrie is ASP.net MVC.ASP.net MVC is a framework that extends (and even modifies) ASP.net to leverage the MVC design pattern for building web sites that are highly robust, usable and testable. Scott gave an excellent description of  what ASP.net MVC is going to look like in his blog. Scott has followed up with 4 delicious blog posts that contain step by step tutorials that shed light on key aspects of ASP.net MVC. You can experience these yourself by downloading and installing the second preview...