Live from Microsoft Developer Academy 3

December 15, 2008

Good Morning. It's a fine morning here at Microsoft's Developer Academy 3 event at Airpot City, Israel. A large crowd of developers and IT personnel has already gathered at this fanciful convention center and the first lecture is set to beging, fashionably late, at 09:15.I will be live blogging the event via my twitter account. I hope my non-geeky facebook friends are not too annoyed at seeing my tweets appear in my facebook status line throughout the day. Those reading me here in the Microsoft Israel Blogs website can also keep track of my updated through the twitter box...
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Good Read: Design Guidelines for Exceptions

December 3, 2008

I've often wished for real world guidance on exceptions handling in .net applications. Deciding on a strategy for throwing and catching exceptions is tricky. On the one hand exceptions are said to be the better way of handling execution errors in code. On the other hand, exceptions bring with them the overhead of instantiating them and throwing them which could negatively affect performance.A while ago I've found some good advice in Microsoft's own Design Guidelines for Exceptions section in the MSDN Library. Particularly useful is the page on Exceptions and Performance. The whole thing isn't very long and contains a...
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