Woot! Apple iPhone officially coming to Israel!

April 1, 2008




Hooray! iPhone is coming to Israel!

In a official statement to ynet, Eran Tor (General Manager for iDigital, Apple’s representatives in Israel) has stated that the first Apple Store in Israel is set to open in Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Center and hinted that the opening’s highlight will be the launching of iPhone in Israel.

The ynet article has little details on how long it will take for Apple to adapt the iPhone’s native applications to Hebrew with its Right-To-Left challenges and virtually no details on which of Israel’s two GSM carriers will have exclusivity in servicing the iPhone. But, who cares about the fine details? It’s finally here and it’s official! Mazel Tov everybody!

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  1. MimiMay 24, 2008 ב 1:34 am

    Does anyone know when the MAC store in Tel Aviv will be opening? Will Orange be the provider? I’m making aliyah in July and would like to buy an iphone, but if I buy it in the states it will not be compatible. Anyone have any advice out there? Thanks and Shabbat Shalom,

    Kol tuv,

  2. ZOIA KozakovaSeptember 2, 2008 ב 11:23 am

    OMG!!! Yes!!!! I love you. But when is the store opening and will the iphone cost as much as it does in America?

  3. urigSeptember 2, 2008 ב 11:48 am

    Sorry to disappoint Zoia, but that was actually an April’s Fools joke. The iphone is not scheduled to officialy be sold in Israel at this time.