The End is Nigh for Tech-Ed Eilat 2008

April 8, 2008

Tech-Ed Eilat 2008 is winding down with the last round of lectures ending in 20 minutes. It's too early for me to sum the event up, not to mention I have a backlog of lectures that I need to review, but I can tell you one thing - It's been fun and it's been educational! Microsoft has done an excellent job in organizing this huge event - it is a huge success for all who took part, IMHO. There was a broad array of lectures properly divided into tracks. Lecture halls and equipment functioned very well...
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Microsoft seriously endorses MVC/MVP

One conclusion that I can draw from Tech-Ed Eilat 2008 is that Microsoft is in the process of endorsing the MVC / MVP pattern for real. At least three of the talks here touched upon the subject. Noam King's talk focused on the upcoming MVC framework that is soon to RTM. Ohad Israeli and Glen Block's talk on the Web Client Software Factory 2.0 introduced me to that particular implementation of MVP for And this morning's talk by Ron Jacobs, titled "The Perfect Pattern Storm: TDD, UX and MVP" gave a "Presenter First" MVP implementation. ...
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Free Pizza if you Answer this Simple Question!

Yes! Courtesy of Microsoft Israel's Blogging Community (, You too can win a free pizza from Pizza Hut (+1 free topping) here on the Tidbits from a .net life blog! Just be the first commenter to answer this simple question correctly: Name two new Microsoft technologies that I was excited to write about, here on this blog. The one condition is, that you can't specifically mention any of the three flagship products that Microsoft launch at Tech-Ed Eilat 2008. Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 are out of the game, on account...
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How to make IIS 7.0 catch on?

April 7, 2008

Having attended Leon Langleiben's 11:00 talk on IIS 7.0 for developers, I can't help but wonder why the adoption rate for the new technology is so low. Depsite the impressive and extensible new pipeline, despite that it's modular, despite the powerful and easy configuration of it (that can be even shared across machines now), IIS 7.0 is hardly anywhere to be found in production environments. It's understandable that upgrading from IIS 6.0 to IIS 7.0 is a daunting prospect. When I imagine trying to find out what is wrong, in real time, on an unfamiliar web server...
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Tech-Ed Eilat 2008 – Summing up Day 1

April 6, 2008

It's been a delightfully exciting day here at Microsoft's Tech-Ed Eilat 2008. Having left Tel Aviv on the 07:00am flight, I arrived at Eilat early and was able to quickly check into my room and prepare for the Bloggers' Briefing held by Microsoft. The Bloggers' Briefing made it clear that Microsoft is taking its bloggers community very seriously and with great respect. Coordinated by Michal Nissenzweig, the logistics for bloggers included a sweet gift bag of schwag, a gift coupon that the bloggers can bestow on their readers (more on this tomorrow), a handful of flixwagon enabled 3G...
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TV meets its future at the Tech-Ed Business Center

I'm here at the awesome Business Center setup by Microsoft and its partners at the Herrods Hotel in Eilat. Around me everyone is setting up stands, hooking up their display computers in preparation for the hordes of Tech-Ed attendants who will soon come here. Having followed the Bloggers Meeting hosted by Microasoft's charming Michal Nisenzweig, to whom I owe my attendance this year, I rushed up here to see Lior Zoref and Yosi Taguri cast their charms on a visiting channel 10 TV crew. It was inspiring to see Lior describe to the...
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First thoughts from the airport

Still in the very early stages of the event - at Ben Gurion airport, actually - a few personal conclusions are already apparent here at Tech-Ed Eilat 2008: I need an Eye-Fi! I need one real bad. Uploading images the old way is so laborious. Oh, how I yearn to snap a photo on my Canon S5 IS and have it instantly and wirelessly uploaded to flickr. I need a more advanced cellphone for blogging/SMSing. Something I can easily type on. Something like... an iPhone!It's not wise to put all of Microsoft's bloggers on one plane. It consumes too much...
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