Make your LCD 3D with a Wii(mote)!

December 27, 2007

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Johnny Chung Lee is a Ph.D. Graduate Student at Carnegie Mellon university who is seriously into modding the Nintendo Wii, taking it to places other people can only dream of.

Below is what, IMHO, is Lee’s most impressive achievement – a superb and realistic 3D display that is made up of a PC, a Wiimote and a sensor bar:

By placing the Wiimote in front of the PC display and attaching the sensor bar to his head, Lee lets the PC know where his eyes are in relation to the display. Thus the PC knows what image to render on screen to fake a 3D image. As Lee moves around, the image adjusts to match his point of view in real-time, giving a powerful VR illusion.

I am overwhelmed at how elegantly this is achieved. It is an ingenious utilization of the Wii’s powerful hardware accessories. And that’s not the only card up Johnny Chung Lee’s sleeve. Check out his website for many other original projects he’s working on – like the $14 steadycam. He is truly a man of great skill and wit.

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