Make your LCD 3D with a Wii(mote)!

December 27, 2007

Johnny Chung Lee is a Ph.D. Graduate Student at Carnegie Mellon university who is seriously into modding the Nintendo Wii, taking it to places other people can only dream of. Below is what, IMHO, is Lee's most impressive achievement - a superb and realistic 3D display that is made up of a PC, a Wiimote and a sensor bar: By placing the Wiimote in front of the PC display and attaching the sensor bar to his head, Lee lets the PC know where his eyes are in relation to the display. Thus the PC knows...
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Facebook application knows where you’ve been

December 25, 2007

While doing the casual "who are the friends of my friends?" tour in facebook this evening, I was startled to see this: OMG!, thought I to myself - now anyone who visits this profile can see that I was the last person to browse it before them. Luckily, this wouldn't have been too embarrassing since this was the profile of someone I knew, but what if it was someone who didn't know me? Once the panic subsided, two thoughts came to mind . One was - would facebook allow such a blatant intrusion on the privacy of...
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Microsoft Secure Content Distribution (MSCD) is off the face of the Earth

December 15, 2007

I've finally been overtaken by the urge to experience Visual Studio 2008, most for the benefit of experimenting with the upcoming MVC framework which gets me very very excited these days. Sadly, as most of you know, the download is in the 3 to GB range and FireFox's built-in download manager is (surprisingly) not up to the task. I remembered that someone mentioned something about a new P2P downloading tool from Microsoft that was the fastest and surest way of downloading large files from Microsoft. That someone was Yaniv Feldman and the tool he wrote...
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