Microsoft Israel Bloggers’ Dinner #5

November 28, 2007

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Just wanted to say a quick but hearty thank you to Omer Van Kloeten for having organized the fifth Bloggers Dinner. It took place yesterday at "Ad HaEtzem" restaurant in Airport City, Israel and was a fantastic experience.

This was my first attendance at a Bloggers Dinner and I believe it was also the largest in the series of events arranged by Omer so far.

A small note on "Ad HaEtzem" at Airport City. The restaurant was a bit tricky to find for me. I actually spent 15 minutes at the nearby "Aircafe" coffee shop before I took a peek at the menu and realized there were not steaks in it. :). This was because both venues reside in identically looking (attractive modern) buildings but the sign on "Ad Ha-Etzem" was turned off.

Ad HaEtzem restaurant, Aiport City, Israel

As for the food and service, they were both delectable. I had the "Fillet Special" which is 200gr of file meat with garlic teeth embedded and covered with black pepper. That was nice, although the pepper overshadowed the flavor of the meat.

There is no date set for the next dinner yet, but I heartily recommend attending it. It’s good to flock together with birds of a feather!

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one comment

  1. ashevatNovember 28, 2007 ב 9:16 pm

    You are totaly right – Omer Van Kloeten rocks!!