Microblogging Dump from Developer Academy II

November 27, 2007

I’m having a good time in Microsoft Israel’ Developer Academy II. Currently listening to Ohad Israeli starting to go over my head with concepts like "aspects" and products like PostSharp in his "Mastering Infrastructure Development" lecture. Fascinating stuff.

For those of you unable to follow my microblogging updates on facebook, here’s a dump of all of them up until now, in descending chronological order:

  • Uri is concerned over the overhead incurred by Policy Injection when instantiating new objects. 3:07pm
  • Uri is intrigued by the EventLogWatcher add-on (to VS?). 2:57pm
  • Uri is listening to Ohad Israeli and his promise to log exception data. 2:50pm
  • Uri is disappointed to hear that the PropertyProxyValidator doesn’t really support client side validation. 2:27pm
  • Uri is thrilled to hear about the PropertyProxyValidator control of the Validation Application Block! 2:25pm
  • Uri is wishing enterprize library demos wouldn’t always stick to the validation application block… 2:15pm
  • Uri is switching over to "Enterprise Library Revfealed". 1:47pm
  • Uri is suprised to hear that WF isn’t implementation – that it’s modelling? 1:34pm
  • Uri is excited to see Manu Cohen-Yashar again, now talking about Workflow Foundation and Performance. 1:25pm
  • Uri is wanting to go home and start reading all the wonderful references Nimrod Luria has supplied in his lecture. 12:32pm
  • Uri is keen on learning what CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) attacks are. 12:26pm
  • Uri is Now very afraid of eval(). 12:24pm
  • Uri is keen on downloading Microsoft ACE’s team Anti-XSS library. 12:20pm
  • Uri is forced to post the pictures to his blog (http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/urig/) instead of here :(. 12:18pm
  • Uri is thinking he should add referrer checks to all his web services! 12:09pm
  • Uri is wants to get his hands on Nikhil’s Web Developer Helper. 12:06pm
  • Uri is amazed to hear you can run FireBug from IE! 11:58am
  • Uri is wondering why there are no prizes for people who participate in lectures :). 11:52am
  • Uri is pondering Sys.Debug.Trace() as a hacking tool… 11:47am
  • Uri is installing Microsoft’s Image Resizer Power Toy. 11:44am
  • Uri is intrigued by MSN protocol analyzer. 11:33am
  • Uri is wondering why his pictures aren’t showing up in facebook :|. 11:28am
  • Uri is anxious to learn about "web attack vectors". 11:26am
  • Uri is digging into owasp.org to learn about internet security. 11:23am
  • Uri is uploading some pictures. 11:12am
  • Uri is thinking daily builds are a great idea. Too bad you need tons of unit tests for them to make sense :(. 10:31am
  • Uri is hoping Eyal Reissman will touch on the subjects of version management, branching and merging. 10:16am
  • Uri is thankful Eyal Reissman decided to skip the obligatory opening video. 9:50am
  • Uri is wondering what the delay is… 9:46am
  • Uri is freezing his a– off waiting for "Team System Real Life Implementation…" to begin. What’s up with the A/C here? 9:34am
  • Uri is thinking about putting more images in his blog, following a tip from Guy Burstein. 9:02am
  • Uri is helping friends naviagte to the event using ymap.co.il. 8:57am
  • Uri is giving up on mingling and slumping at the bloggers corner instead. 8:31am
  • Uri is at the dev ac event making a sad attempt to mingle. 8:23am

Now I really need to get back to listening!

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  1. DrorEngelNovember 27, 2007 ב 3:37 pm

    can you post Nimord’s refernces?

  2. urigNovember 27, 2007 ב 4:33 pm

    Sorry Dror, I didn’t write them down. We’ll have to wait till Nimrod puts his powerpoint files online.