Developer Academy II is on

November 27, 2007

Microsoft Israel’s Developer Academy II event is just starting off at Airport City’s Avenue convention center. There are a lot of people here already – almost an hour before the first lecture is set to begin.

There’s a lot of mingling going on upstairs, plus free drinks and snacks, but I am lurking down below at the nearly deserted bloggers’ corner at level -1.

Wi-fi access, btw, is free for everyone from anywhere in the venue and I’d like to personally thank the organizers for it. When I find out your name you’re gonna get a big hug on facebook 馃檪

I will do my best to submit some post here throughout the event, but the meat of things will be microblogged in my facebook status line. If you’re a facebook user, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for that from this page.

Don’t hesitate to come and say hi if you see me with my face buried in my laptop. I’m not really that antisocial :D.


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