Microsoft Israel Bloggers’ Dinner #5

November 28, 2007

Just wanted to say a quick but hearty thank you to Omer Van Kloeten for having organized the fifth Bloggers Dinner. It took place yesterday at "Ad HaEtzem" restaurant in Airport City, Israel and was a fantastic experience. This was my first attendance at a Bloggers Dinner and I believe it was also the largest in the series of events arranged by Omer so far. A small note on "Ad HaEtzem" at Airport City. The restaurant was a bit tricky to find for me. I actually spent 15 minutes at the nearby "Aircafe" coffee shop before...
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Microblogging Dump from Developer Academy II

November 27, 2007

I'm having a good time in Microsoft Israel' Developer Academy II. Currently listening to Ohad Israeli starting to go over my head with concepts like "aspects" and products like PostSharp in his "Mastering Infrastructure Development" lecture. Fascinating stuff. For those of you unable to follow my microblogging updates on facebook, here's a dump of all of them up until now, in descending chronological order: Uri is concerned over the overhead incurred by Policy Injection when instantiating new objects. 3:07pm Uri is intrigued by the EventLogWatcher add-on (to VS?). 2:57pm ...

Developer Academy II is on

Microsoft Israel's Developer Academy II event is just starting off at Airport City's Avenue convention center. There are a lot of people here already - almost an hour before the first lecture is set to begin. There's a lot of mingling going on upstairs, plus free drinks and snacks, but I am lurking down below at the nearly deserted bloggers' corner at level -1. Wi-fi access, btw, is free for everyone from anywhere in the venue and I'd like to personally thank the organizers for it. When I find out your name you're gonna get a big hug on...

How I will be liveblogging from Developer Academy II

November 26, 2007

I will be using my "facebook status" to liveblog the Microsoft Israel's Developer Academy II event tomorrow. It's practically the same as microblogging (see except all sentences will begin with "uri is..." which is an amusing constraint.The "microposts" will not be posted here in my blog for two reasons:I can't find a proper way to sync. from facebook to the Community Server here.I don't want to overcrowd's feeds by overposting. This is a blog, not a microblog.  You can see what I write in several places:In my blog page, through the facebook badge I have installed over in...
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Liveblogging from Develper Academy II II

Shahar Gvirtz has just posted an update that the first 200 bloggers to ask for it at tomorrow's Developer Academy II event will receive free access to wi-fi for purposes of liveblogging the event.This is wonderful news. Thanks go to Shahar for the update and to the organizers of tomorrow's event for their kindness and quick response. See you all tomorrow at the Dev Ac! Uri 
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NOT Liveblogging from Develper Academy II

November 25, 2007

Guy Kolbis has informed me that wi-fi will only be available at the bloggers' corner of the Developer Academy II event. Thanks Guy. Sadly, that means I will not be liveblogging the event. I wanted to share my insights and the new knowledge I acquire at the event in real time from my actual seat at the lectures. I thought of using my facebook status line as mini-blog, a la twitter. Unless I miraculously get my hands on a cellular modem, that's not going to happen.Too bad wi-fi access does not extend to the entire complex.I wonder why....

Liveblogging from Develper Academy II

November 24, 2007

I will be attending Microsoft Israel's Developer Academy II event at Airport City, Israel this Tuesday (27/11/2007). Throughout the day I will be attending at least 5 of the lectures (haven't finalized which yet) and I will be liveblogging both here and via my facebook profile. You're invited to keep track of my progress through the day and if you're there, you're welcome to (physically!) poke me face to face :) It's a great opportunity to bridge the gap between virtual and physical presence. See you at the Dev Ac!Uri 

Firebug can make Gmail slow

November 7, 2007

If you have FireBug installed in FireFox and you've been experiencing slow response from Gmail lately, you might find the following interesting. I just fired up my FireFox first thing this morning, went to Gmail and got the following message in alarming red: I clicked the "Fix It" link and received detailed instructions on configuring FireBug not to "interfere" with Gmail, which I followed (just disabled FireBug for Now that's good service!
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