LineRider – When wasting time on the web becomes art

November 23, 2006

If you think you don't have a life – working hard hours on code, spending your free time on open source projects – you need to take a look at the LineRider phenomena and rethink that. LineRider (beta!) is flash game, or to follow its inventor more accurately, a flash toy where you draw the two dimensional course for a cute bobsledder. Complete with an amusing implementation gravity and inertia it's a fun way to waste a few minutes online. Unless, of course, you're insane. You're welcome to go to the LineRider Squidoo Lens to browse through some of...
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Team Foundation Source Control won’t Get Latest when you Check Out

In a recent post, Leon Langleyben described a Team Foundation Source Control "feature" that is giving users a hard time. The "feature" is that the Check Out command in TFSC no longer performs a Get Latest on the file checked out, as we were accustomed to in VSS. In the older Visual SourceSafe, when you checked out a file VSS would get the latest version of the file to your local machine and only then open the file for you to work on. This is critical when working in Exclusive Checkout Mode, which is the most popular work mode in...

Snap Preview Anywhere

November 19, 2006

Check it out, I'm test running Snap Preview Anywhere on my blog right here. It's a new service from the Snap search engine. Now, whenever your mouse hovers over a link in one of my posts you get an instant thumbnail preview of the contents of that link.  You can see for yourself by hovering over the above two links.Installation is a snap (pun intended). I just signed-up and received a short javascript snippet to embed in my blog. I put it in the News field of my Global Settings. Naturally there's some loss of privacy here as I've...

What’s missing in the new Google Reader?

November 6, 2006

I've been giving Google Reader a spin and I'm finding it very easy to get used to reading my RSS feeds through it. They've done an excellent job with the UI, as usual.But then I needed to find an old blog entry from Oren Eini's blog (a book recommendation for a fantasy trilogy of all things) and I've discovered that Google Reader is missing something very important. Something that Google is almost synonymous with - a search box.What and odd surprise - there is no search feature (that I could find) in the Google Reader. That's like finding out...
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Sony Bravia TV Ad

November 5, 2006

Just in case this hasn't gotten to you by mail yet, here's the spectacular TV ad for Sony Bravia: here's a little peep at what went on behind the scenes:
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FireFox and Cache-Control: max-age=0

November 1, 2006

I usually post about problems that I've solved. But every once in a while, for all my digging around and googling, I come up on something that I can't solve quickly and thuroughly enough - so I post about it here in the hope someone can help.To make a long story short - I've found out that FireFox 1.5 appends a "Cache-Control: max-age=0" HTTP header to requests for ASPX files. This header tells the web server and any proxy servers on the way not to respond with cached version of the requested page and to go and run the...
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